What is the best way to contact Cascadian Nurseries?

Landscape and nursery professionals are welcome to contact us either by phone, fax, or email. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the general public with support or service, as we deal only with wholesalers.

Do we sell to the general public?

Sorry, we are not staffed to provide service to the general public. However, we do invite you to contact a licensed landscape professional, landscape architect or designer, and retail garden center to procure the plant material on your behalf. We also welcome our customers to bring in their clients to personally select the plant material for their specific projects.

What are your minimums?

We do not require minimum quantities except for 3.5″ pot and quart sizes.

Do you offer discounts?

Two ways to earn discounts. Discounts are available either on quantity purchases or customer’s annual purchases. Discounts based on total annual purchases do not qualify for quantity discounts.

Can I tour your nursery?

Unfortunately, we do not give tours to the general public. Due to safety and trade regulations, we can only give tours to companies in the landscape and nursery trade. Please call ahead to make arrangements for touring our nursery. 

Can I tag my own order?

Yes. For our wholesale customers, we welcome you to come and tag your plant material needs. For tagging field stock, please call ahead for an appointment.

What if I want to pick up my order?

You are welcome to come in during business hours to pick up your order. For orders called in for our staff to assemble: we require 48 hours notice to pull your order as long as the plant material is in stock. For plant material needing to be brought in, we require a minimum of 5 to 7 working days.

Does Cascadian Nurseries consider plant donations to organizations?

While we offer plant donations to nonprofits and charitable organizations, our budget is often out matched by requests. We regret that we cannot provide plants for every school, church, or organization that requests them.

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