Homeowners frequently ask us if they can buy plants from Cascadian Nurseries. As a wholesale only nursery, we unfortunately have to tell them no. However, if you need help with landscape design or locating a quality landscape contractor or retail garden center, Cascadian Nurseries encourages you to use our Retail Referral List to find a qualified Portland Metro Area Landscape Professional or garden center. Just enter your address or zip code and select the distance from your location.

Please Note: Cascadian Nurseries does not recommend or rate any of these landscape professionals or garden centers. We strongly advise you to research any company before you sign a contract. As with any business transaction, we recommend checking references, licenses, and worker’s comp insurance before signing a contract. Cascadian Nurseries is not responsible for the quality or cost of work done by any landscape professional on this list.

You can also verify licensed landscape contractors on the State of Oregon Landscape Contractors Board website, here.

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