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Cascadian Nurseries is proud to be a preferred provider of Monrovia's "Grow Beautifully Plants" to landscape architects, contractors, designers, and landscape professionals.

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2023 Featured Plants 
2024 Featured Plants 
Shades of Beautiful Guide

With sizes from 3.5″ ground covers up to specimen trees, we can save you time and money by complementing our inventory with Monrovia’s own availability, providing the largest selection of quality plants for the landscape professional.

Start with the right plants and you'll be well on your way to a beautiful landscape. After choosing the right plants for your soil, sun and moisture needs, you'll then want to select the healthiest, hardiest plants you can find. That's why we're proud to sell Monrovia plants!

Each of Monrovia's 2,300 plant varieties is nurtured in a customized soil mix to develop a strong root system for healthy, flourishing plants. Monrovia has introduced hundreds of improved plant varieties that are bred for:

  • Greater pest- and disease-resistance
  • Increased flower or fruit production, or
  • Unique color or shape.

For ideas and inspiration, visit www.monrovia.com and sign up for their Plant Savvy newsletter.

Also view Monrovia's  Dan Hinkley Collection, featuring plants discovered by horticulturalist Dan Hinkley over his years of botanical exploration around the world.

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