Fred Meisner

Alfred (Fred) Meisner founded Cascadian Landscapers and Cascadian Nurseries in 1966.  Fred and his family, born in Holland, emigrated from their homeland to the United States in 1961. Before leaving Holland, Fred received academic degrees in basic agriculture, horticulture, floral arrangement and design, as well as nine years of practical field experience.  Fred sold Cascadian Landscapers to his two oldest sons in 1999 to concentrate on the nursery.

Jim Larson (Semi-Retired December 31, 2022)

Jim, our General Manager, worked for Cascadian Nurseries since August 1988. His experience includes working at Teufel Nurseries from 1982 to 1988.  Prior to 1982, Jim spent nine years working at retail garden centers in Oregon and southern California. Recipient of a certificate in Nursery Management from Fullerton Community College in California, Jim has served on the board of the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association (OLCA) for several years, and served as President in 1995.

Ed Meisner

Ed grew up in the nursery, starting at age nine when he worked in the nursery potting up liners. Ed is now part of our management team, and manages our field production and operations.

Ginger Wilson

Ginger has worked for us since June 2007 and came to us from Joy Creek Nursery located in Scappoose, OR. Ginger applies her wealth of knowledge of perennials to her work in customer service and purchasing, where she selects and orders our perennials, ground covers, and grasses.

Lino Mendoza

Lino, fluent in both English and Spanish, has been an integral part of our team since November 2002. We're happy that his abilities enable us to remove the language barriers our Hispanic customers sometimes find elsewhere. Prior to coming to Cascadian Nurseries, Lino worked for several years with Teufel Nurseries.

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